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December 2020






Season’s Greetings.

We are finally at the close of a tough year, Kudos to all for their efforts in coping with a roller coaster year. It was a year where we had to dig deep and look inwards so that we can propel ourselves forward with a greater drive in 2021 and achieve new heights in excellence.

December has already bought optimism back to people with vaccines being dispatched to regions across the world. At CIME, amongst everything, we had our team push for international certification in simulation and are pleased to inform that two from our technical team, Mr Naveed Muhammad and Mr Talha Ahmed Khan, have been certified by SSH as Certified Healthcare Simulation Operation Specialist (CHSOS). Beside them, two of our CIME Champions, Dr Faisal Ismail and Zohra Kurji, have also been certified by SSH as Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator (CHSE). They now join a very small group of simulation specialist from all across the world, and we are delighted by their achievement and hope that they keep making significant contribution towards furthering the Excellence of Healthcare simulation at AKU. We would also like to acknowledge Mr Burhan Ali, Simulation Analyst, for being awarded “Simulation Advocacy Award” by SSH for his contributions towards promoting healthcare simulation not only at AKU but at conferences that he has been a part of.

We would also like to welcome Ms Rahina Inayat, an alumnus of AKU, to our CIME family as Simulation Education Analyst. Rahina, who served as a TNI at AKUH and later a RN in Cardiac-ICU, and brings her clinical experience and knowledge to the team.

As 2020, comes to an end, we are happy to sign off on a high note and optimism for 2021. We hope that we will be able to take the learnings of 2020 and challenge ourselves to achieve more in 2021.

From the entire CIME family, we wish you a Happy New year.

Professor Charles Docherty

Global Director, CIME







Nairobi University Centre: A new home to CIME

A while back we were pleased to share the news for expansion of CIME within the global AKU umbrella, with two planned centres in East Africa, Kenya and Uganda. Since then construction has progressed into final stages at the new University Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. Our team’s recent visit to Nairobi, allowed them the opportunity to walk the floor of the new centre, which bought forth exciting vibes as they saw the scale of the new centre in actuality and the opportunities it can bring to the improvement of care in the region.






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Clinical Simulation Educators Programme – Online

Due to COVID restriction, it became difficult to offer CIME’s Clinical Simulation Educators Programme on-site, thus with careful reorganisation, an adapted version of the programme was offered online. This 8-week online Clinical Simulation Educators Programme was offered from 26th October to 18th December, used both synchronous and asynchronous teaching strategies, using virtual learning environment (VLE) and zoom for its seminar discussions and resource sessions respectively.






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Simulation prepares our dental hygiene students for medical emergencies

A medical emergency workshop was arranged for the Aga Khan University’s dental hygiene students to improve their skills and knowledge so that they can successfully manage medical emergencies in the dental clinics. Students were given scenarios requiring them to assess the emergency and implement appropriate life-saving protocols in simulated "real-life" situations using high-fidelity simulators.






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CIME in African Conference!          

In the 5th African Conference on Emergency Medicine held in November 2020, CIME was given an opportunity to showcase their work and the impact it makes to help doctors and nurses manage medical emergencies through the use of simulation-based education. The conference was attended virtually by a diverse group of audience from across Africa and other regions of the world. CIME also took this opportunity to create awareness for the upcoming simulation centre at AKU, Nairobi in 2021.







Boot Camp for nursing fourth-year students

​The School of Nursing and Midwifery in collaboration with CIME organised a Boot Camp to provide skills refresher to graduating nursing students. As a first time offering, it aimed at providing intensive training to graduating students, to help improve and polish their clinical skills before they make their transition to their new roles as clinical nurses.






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FamMed Essentials Course

The Department of Family Medicine started a one-year blended learning course, FamMed Essentials, for general practitioners in order to empower them and improve their knowledge and skills through competency-based continuing medical education. A major part of the course is designed to be accessible online and the flexible construct ensures that busy practitioners can avail course content at their convenience and ease. Another important aspect of the course is face-to-face five-days simulation-based session which was conducted (for the first two cohorts) in collaboration with the CIME team from 23-27 November 2020.





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Simulation-based dental workshop on anterior composite

For the very first time, the section of Operative Dentistry in partnership with the University of Health Sciences, Lahore, and CIME organised an international hybrid hands-on workshop on anterior composite build up with layering technique.







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AKU’s first Lactation Champions Simulation

The Breastfeeding Champions Course was conducted by the International Breastfeeding Lactation consultants in partnership with CIME for the very first time for AKU nurses and midwives working in the service line 4 and 5, and secondary hospitals. The aim was to prepare the learners with basic lactation skills so that they could assist postnatal mothers in lactation and improve breastfeeding outcomes in the hospital.







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15 December, the third anniversary of the inauguration of CIME by His Highness the Aga Khan. Watch this video to witness some of our accomplishments so far but trust us that there’s more to come! Watch video…








The Paeds Boot Camp provided simulation-based hands-on training to improve novice airway providers’ skills and confidence in a challenging but safe learning environment. Let's hear what our facilitator has to say about this boot camp. Watch video…



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