​Anti-Bullying Week 2021​

Power Dynamics in Bullying

Bullying is the intentional hurting of another person emotionally, physically, and/or socially. Bullying usually involves a power dynamic, where the bully has more social or physical power than the bullied.

Usually the bully or bullying group has more power than the bullied due to belonging to a majority group, having seniority, greater physical stature or absence of disabilities. The bully also may have more power within their own social group.

This power may protect the bully/bullying group from receiving push back or negative consequences for the bullying act.

At BMI we put a spotlight on bullying with the understanding that it can contribute to mental ill health. By initiating conversations from the perspectives of students and staff at AKU we seek to propose interventions as this speaks to our mandate of creating local awareness of bullying as a contributor to mental ill health.​