​Implementation Science Team

To address the rampant rise in mental health and neurological conditions, BMI has assembled a transdisciplinary Implementation Science Team (iST), comprising of experts that will help identify major gaps in service and knowledge, and seek solutions, seed, and grow them into actionable and sustainable strategies.​​​

This team will help move science from the bench to the Community. Our group represents expertise in the fields of health, education, neuroscience, social science, economics, and public policy. The Institute’s Implementation Science Team team focus is to:
  1. Identify gaps in service or knowledge.
  2. Develop and grow impactful strategies to help close those gaps using innovative, culturally sensitive solutions.
  3. Engage interdisciplinary teams to mobilize networks of action.
  4. Analyze, publish, and disseminate findings to communities and stakeholders for maximal impact​​.