International Expert Advisory Co​​mmittee​

​The Committee is advisory to the Director of the Brain and Mind Institute on the strategic positioning, direction and development of the Institute’s four pillars of activities as guided by the Aga Khan University’s vision and mission.

The Committee provides support in the launch, implementation, and ongoing development and continuous improvement of these activities so as to spur results. Key objectives include advancing scientific discovery in the discipline of neuroscience and leveraging research into action towards the mitigation of poor mental health. ​

This committee was setup primarily to establish a mechanism for formulation of an Integrated Mental Health Framework for AKU, build communications channels to promote knowledge sharing and teamwork, discuss areas of priority consideration for inclusion in the Framework, and to commit to delivering AKU’s Integrated Mental Health Framework. Read more on the framework here.​ ​

​​Self-Harm Registry Committee

The Brain and Mind Institute (BMI) has established a Self-Harm Registry Committee (SHRC) to oversee the development of a self-harm registry at Aga Khan University (AKU), Kenya, with a view towards establishing a model for a national registry.  In an advisory capacity to the BMI director, the SHRC will guide BMI's stewardship of the development of a self-harm registry by identifying the strengths, weaknesses and gaps related to existing self-harm care at AKU in Kenya.