​Our Mission and Vision

The vision statement focuses on tomorrow and what the organization wants to become, while the mission statement focuses on today and what the organization does.


Healthy Brain, Healthy World


We are advancing brain health through collaborative Research, Education, and Innovation in Mental Health and Neuroscience


Impact, Quality, Relevance, Access

Goals and Outcomes:

The Institute will, in collaboration with partners, set out to achieve the following goals:

  • Enhanced capacity for leadership and influence in addressing neuroscience and mental health issues in East Africa, Pakistan and South Asia.

  • Establishment of infrastructure to support (i) a hub for scholarship, exchange, and action on mental health issues, and (ii) educational, clinical, and community-based programs.

  • New research that is relevant to the context of today's youth in Africa and South Asia.

  • Programmatic offerings that address mental health related stigma and resiliency.

  • Development of new curricula integrating behavioral sciences and mental health for medical colleges and nursing education; including social sciences, humanities, human rights and behavioral sciences.

  • Advanced implementation of science-based programing in hospital and community clinics that translate new discoveries into prevention and treatment programs 

  • Sustainability in funding, including a robust pipeline of research grants​,

Brain and Mind - from neuron to neighborhood - 

​​Cancer Center

Advancing scientific understanding of the interconnections between cancer and mental health.


Centre of Excellence for Women & Child Health

Collaborating on research to understand the impact of mental health challenges on vulnerable populations, such as women and children in resources constrained settings.

Center for Innovation in Medical Education

Simulating skill-building clinical and community-based treatments and interventions.

Centre of Excellence for Trauma & Emergencies

Exploring the relationship between crises, resiliency, and mental health.​

Centre for Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Research

Advancing neuroscience and the potential to revolutionary treatments for mental illnesses.

​Clinical Research Unit 

Conducting experimental research in mental health interventions.

Critical Creative Innovative Thinking Forum

Thinking differently about the modalities for promoting mental health and preventing and treating problems, especially in non-clinical settings.

​CRITIC Health Data Science Center

Providing entrepreneurial thinking and support in data analytics to mental health researchers.​

Data Science Ecosystem

Working on data collection, analysis, and related data science approaches to surveillance, prevention and treatment programs, and other aspects of community-based or clinical problem solving

Dept. of Biological & Biomedical Sciences  

Promoting critical thinking and encouraging cross-disciplinary research in physical and mental health.

Dept. of Community Health Sciences

Identifying transformative approaches to systems-level mental health strategies and resourcing capacities.

Dept. of Psychiatry

Developing specialized talent and advancing research in mental health conditions.

​Institute for Educational Development

Studying the interplay among young people and the education systems with mental health considerations.

Institute for Global Health & Development

Exploring the relationship between mental health and other major interdisciplinary issues such as climate change, conflict, and food systems.

​Institute for Human Development

Collaborating on research in early childhood development, behavioral sciences, and social construction of mental wellbeing.

​Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilizations

Contextualizing cultural, religious, historical and contemporary factors arising in mental health research, treatments and programs.

​Medical Colleges

Integrating mental health into core curricular and advancing specializations.​

Regional Neurosciences Group

Integrating studies of the brain and mind in the East African context.

Schools of Nursing & Midwifery

Strengthening front-line and bedside capacities for supporting patients and their families.

​Technology Innovation Support Centre

Developing apps, deploying machine learning and big data, and leveraging the potential of technology.​