​Mental Health Ambassadorship

​The Brain and Mind Institute (BMI) has launched its inagural series of micro-certification courses to raise awareness about mental health. The intended outcomes of the micro certification courses are to facilitate 1) early detection and recognition of mental illness, 2) reduction of stigma and 3) empathetic and supportive responses. In addition, the Mental Health Ambassadorship aspires to encourage people to seek treatment and support for mental illness rather than suffering in silence.

These courses started in September 2022 with an innovative engagement strategy that includes a webinar series and didactic modular components involving expert and peer discussion sessions. BMI's Mental Health Ambassadorship certification courses requires no prerequisites to register, allowing a general audience to undertake these courses. The idea is to create a movement of mental health ambassadors that will identify those in need and support them, promoting mental well-being for all.​​

Key aspects of learner profile​​

No prior mental health knowledge​

A high school education as a minimum requirement​

Time requirement: 8 Weeks (36 Hours)​​

Course - Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO)

Examine and demystify the causes of mental illness by the understanding of the biopsychosocial model.

Discuss the difference between pity and sympathy, and empathy and compassion to inform behaviour that is inclusive

Apply the biopsychosocial approach to recognize the signs of distress and mental illness

Map out better strategies that allow for the inclusion of persons suffering from mental illness ultimately reducing stigma associated with mental illness

With the recognition of the signs of distress and mental illness, the ability to craft a pathway to care​