​Fellowship in Nuclear Medicine


The Aga Khan University (AKU) is a private, not for profit, international Univer​sity first established in 1983, with 11 teaching sites in eight countries. ​The Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi is now offering Fellowship training in Nuclear Medicine. 

Nuclear Medicine, a form of molecular imaging is the specialty responsible for the administration of unsealed radioactive substances to patients for the purposes of diagnosis, therapy or research. Molecular or functional imaging is the fastest growing field in imaging diagnostics due to its ability to identify disease early before anatomical changes occur. ​In the last two decades, there have been significant developments in hybrid imaging which combine functional imaging using radionuclides and radiological anatomic imaging in a single scanner gantry. Technology now allows machines to be built which combine functional and anatomic imaging techniques - these machines include SPECT/CT, PET/CT and PET/MR.

Nuclear Medicine techniques have revolutionized healthcare and have become of paramount importance for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of health conditions​.

​​Program Obje​ctives

​The Fellowship training program in Nuclear Medicine is intended to provide an opportunity for eligible individuals to attain advanced knowledge; procedural skills; practical competencies; as well as professional and ethical attitudes and behavior essential for practice in the field of Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT to a standard recognized internationally.

By the end of the two-year training, successful fellows should be able to:

  • ​Provide specialized performance, supervision and reporting of diagnostic nuclear medicine    and PET/CT examinations
  • Conduct independent research related to nuclear medicine and PET/CT examinations
  • Provide training and mentorship to other health care workers in the field of nuclear Medicine
  • Deploy radiopharmaceutical services 


Candidat​es will be considered eligible for trainee positions in the Nuclear Medicine Fellowship Program if they have completed:

  • MBChB or equivalent

  • Post-graduate MMed training in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, or other equivalent qualification recognised by AKU.

  • Registered by the Kenya Medical Practitioners & Dentists Council; or eligible for registration. 

Training posts will be offered through a transparent competitive selection process that would include consideration of a written application, shortlisting and a panel interview process.

Responsibilities of Fellows in Nuclear Medicine

  • Protocolling of Nuclear Medicine examinations
  • Supervision of technologists' performance of nuclear medicine and PET/CT examinations
  • Reporting of nuclear medicine and PET/CT examinations
  • Dosing and supervision of administration of nuclear medicine therapies
  • Leading quality improvement projects, journal club activities and audits in the nuclear medicine section
  • Training radiology residents and other trainees rotating in the Nuclear Medicine section
  • Research work, including submission of manuscript(s) for publication

Desirable personal attributes​

  • Good communication skills
  • A good team player
  • Aptitude for learning and demonstrates good study habits
  • Honesty, integrity, compassion and respect for diversity and applies ethical principles appropriately
  • Seeks and accepts advice and adheres to set deadlines ​

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