The services provided under endocrinology and diabetes services include but are not limited to:

1. Management of children with diabetes by a multidisciplinary team, including a paediatric endocrinologist, diabetes educator, nutritionist and a counseling psychologist. Other specialists can be consulted as and when needed, among them, an ophthalmologist. Efforts are made to schedule appointments so as not to interrupt learning, as much as possible. The follow-ups include:

  • Close monitoring and timely adjustment of treatment regimens to ensure children's schooling and daily activities are not disrupted by diabetes crises and admissions to hospital.

  • Diabetes education and nutrition counseling.

  • Facilitating smooth transition to adult clinics for further follow-up as the child grows, by empowering them to be independent and self-confident in managing diabetes.

2. Assessment and management of various hormone-related conditions in children, including disorders of sex development, disorders of puberty (precocious or delayed), thyroid problems, persistent low blood sugar in children, disorders of growth and others.

3. Assessment and management of children with overweight and obesity.