Education and Research


Our Section meets the institution's educational objectives by:

  • Providing highly motivated interactive teaching rounds with internal medicine residents. 

  • Conducting two regular Tumor board per week and a bi-monthly oncology journal club.

  • Delivering learning modules to internal medicine residents focusing on pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of medical oncological disease. 

  • Supervising dissertations, case reports, abstracts and poster presentations. 

  • Mentoring internal medicine residents.

  • Participating in local, national and international meeting, seminar and conferences. 


The Section of Medical Oncology highly strives for cutting-edge research initiatives and promotes publications of research findings in peer-reviewed local and international journals. We look for opportunities to work and collaborate with other local, national and international institutions to promote our research objectives and goals. Our focus in research is to establish epidemiological characteristics of indigenous African population with cancer, work on cost-effective cancer prevention strategies and treatment modalities and increasing awareness about cancer in general population. We endeavor to prepare our future physicians for the next level of translation research. 

Current Research

  • Mammographic Breast Density and Pathologic Subtypes of Breast Cancer – the African Aspect. Asim Jamal Shaikh

  • Effect of Targeted Psychotherapy (dignity therapy) on Quality of Life in Advanced Cancer Patients receiving Palliative Care at Aga Khan University Hospital: A Parallel Group Randomized Control Trial. Asim Jamal Shaikh

MMed Theses 

  • Factors that influence advance directives completion amongst terminally ill patients at a tertiary hospital in Kenya. Stephen Omondi and Asim Jamal Shaikh.

  • Clinico-pathologic characteristics of breast cancer in young Kenyan women.  A tertiary care center experience. Gilford Mwikamba and Asim Jamal Shaikh.

  • Risk factors for and prevalence of cardiac dysfunction following anthracycline-based chemotherapy in adult cancer patients. Joseph Aboudah and Asim Jamal Shaikh.


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  2. Omondi S, Weru J, Shaikh AJ, Yonga G. Factors that influence advance directives completion amongst terminally ill patients at a tertiary hospital in Kenya. BMC Palliat Care. 2017;16(1):9.

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