​Message from the Chief Resident

Dr Anthony Ochola.jpgOn behalf of the residents, I extend a warm welcome to the internal medicine residency program at Aga Khan University. Our program is immensely proud of its emphasis on the holistic development of a resident as clinically apt and research-oriented individuals, team workers, and above all patient advocates. 

We have a rich pool of well-trained faculty who not only impart the appropriate knowledge but also motivate residents to achieve best practice and strive towards evidence based medicine. 

Our faculty are very approachable and easy to work with. In addition to the four-year MMED residency program, the university also offers opportunities for fellowship in Cardiology and Infectious Diseases.

We also take pride in our beautiful green campus, which apart from being rejuvenating to patients particularly during the blooming jacaranda season, also enhances the wellbeing of residents.  

Nairobi is a lively city with people from diverse cultures that offers a variety of entertainment. These include restaurants with all kinds of cuisine, malls where shopping, cinemas, arcades and bowling are offered, and outdoor activities such as nature trails, rock climbing, zip lining and game drives. 

Feel free to contact any current residents with any questions. We are happy to help in any way and look forward to you join our department.​​

Anthony Ochola
Chief Resident, R3
Department of Medicine.​​