Education and Research


Our Section meets the institution's educational objectives by:
  • Coordinating teaching modules of various endocrine disorders for internal medicine residents using evidence-based medicine.
  • Supervising internal medicine residents dissertations, case reports, abstracts, and poster presentations.
  • Mentoring internal medicine residents on the wards and in the outpatient clinic.
  • Leading medical education on diabetes and other endocrine disorders both locally and nationally
  • Supporting continuing medical and nursing education in endocrinology
  • Participating in local, national, and international seminars, meetings and conferences.


Current Research Projects 

  • A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Text Messaging Intervention in Type 2 Diabetes, 2016. Nancy Kunyiha.

MMed Theses Reserach

  • Prevalence and Correlates of Co-Morbid Depression in Patients with Diabetes, 2017. Nancy Kunyiha

  • Urinary Incontinence Burden among African Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Women Seeking Care, 2017. Nancy Kunyiha

  • Prevalence of Urinary Incontinence among Diabetic Women, 2016. Nancy Kunyiha

  • Pathology Performance of HgbA1c Test in Diagnosis of Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes in a Multi-Ethnic Population, 2016. Nancy Kunyiha.

  • Association of Family Nutritional Support and Knowledge of the Disease with Glycaemic Control in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: a Cross-sectional Analytic Study, 2016. Nancy Kunyiha.

  • Impact of Diabetes Self-Management Education Compared to Usual Care on Glycaemic Control among Type 2 Diabetic Patients at the Family Medicine Clinic, 2016. Nancy Kunyiha.

  • Incidence and Risk Factors for Acute Myocardial Infarction after Non-cardiac Surgery, 2014. Nancy Kunyiha.

  • Clinical, Biochemical and Autoimmune Profiles of Patients with Early Onset Diabetes Patients, 2012. Nancy Kunyiha.

  • Universal vs. Selective Screening in Pregnant Women, 2011. Nancy Kunyiha.

  • Behavioural and Biological Risk Factors, Blood Sugar, and Cholesterol among School Students in Eastlands, Nairobi, 2012. Nancy Kunyiha.


  1. Muriithi FG, Sequeira E, Kunyiha N, Stones W. Screening Strategies for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi: a Cross-sectional Study. Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of Eastern and Central Africa. 2014; 26(1):10-14.

  2. Kiraka G, Kunyiha N, Ojwang P, Erasmus R. Early Onset Type 2 diabetes and associated risk factors. Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice. 2014; 103: (S1) 40-41.