In addition to the projects presented at conferences listed above, we are also looking at the following topics:

  • Improvement of Quality of Life of People with Primary Headache Disorders
  • Barriers to definitive thrombolysis and thrombectomy in acute ischaemic stroke

We actively publish in peer-reviewed journals and provide a selection of recent publications:

  • Treatment of the unknown patient: insights from acute stroke. SM Bell, D Sokhi, T Hughes, MS Randall. Practical Neurology, practneurol-2017-001626

  • Practical Neurology linked to the curriculum: an online resource. D Sokhi, A Brockington, C Lo. Practical neurology2017

  • Neurologists can identify diagnostic linguistic features during routine seizure clinic interactions: results of a one-day teaching intervention. L Jenkins, J Cosgrove, P Chappell, A Kheder, D Sokhi, M Reuber. Epilepsy & Behavior 64, 257-261, 2016

  • A brief conversation analytic communication intervention can change history-taking in the seizure clinic. L Jenkins, J Cosgrove, K Ekberg, A Kheder, D Sokhi, M Reuber. Epilepsy & Behavior 52, 62-67, 2015