Cardiology Faculty

Our faculty are trained and accredited in some of the finest institutions in Europe but have developed a keen understanding of the conditions faced in East Africa and can approach cardiovascular problems in the relevant context for our patients.

Full-Time Faculty

Mohamed Jeilan, DM, MRCP, CCT
Assistant Professor

Dr. Mohamed Jeilan, the Section Head of Cardiology and the Director of Cardiac Services, completed his medical school training at Southampton General Hospital in 1997 and his cardiology fellowship at Northampton General Hospital in 2003.

Dr. Jeilan, a faculty member since 2012, is a consultant interventional cardiologist and a complex devices specialist. Before arriving in Kenya, he was consultant cardiologist at Northampton General Hospital and honorary consultant cardiologist at the University Hospitals of Leicestershire NHS Trust UK after serving as an interventional cardiologist/clinical researcher at the University of Leicester.

Dr. Jeilan has been key in introducing novel life-saving invasive procedures at the hospital including: the first transcatheter aortic valve replacement, the first renal denervation, the first intravascular ultrasound, and the first biodegradable scaffold implant in sub-Saharan Africa.

His expertise lies in cardiac rhythm management, percutaneous coronary intervention, and transcatheter aortic valve procedures. He is the recipient of the Oxford University School of Medicine Clinical Teaching Award.


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Anders Barasa, MD, PhD  
Senior Instructor  

Dr. Anders Barasa completed his medical school training at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and his residency and cardiology fellowship training at Sahlgrenska University Hospital & Östra Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden. He is currently pursuing specialized post graduate training in heart failure medicine at Zurich Heart House, Switzerland. This two-year training has been organized in collaboration with the European Society of Cardiology Heart Failure Association, the European Society of Cardiology Heart Academy, and the University Hospital Zurich and is certified by the University of Zurich. Dr. Barasa has been a member of the faculty since 2014 and is the Section’s Research Director.

Before joining the university, he was a Staff Cardiologist/Cardiology Fellow in the Department of Cardiology at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden between 2011 and 2014. He wrote his research thesis on heart failure in the young and in pregnancy. His areas of expertise are ECG, echocardiography, hypertension, and heart failure, while his research interest include heart failure, peripartum cardiomyopathy, and cardiac imaging.

Dr. Barasa is an executive member of the Kenya Cardiac Society and an active member of the Danish Society of Cardiology, Swedish Society of Cardiology, and European Society of Cardiology.


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Mzee Ngunga, MBChB, MMed   
Assistant Professor

Dr. Mzee Ngunga, the current Cardiology Fellowship Director, graduated with a MBChB degree from the University of Nairobi in 2001 and with an MMed degree from Aga Khan University in 2008. He later pursued a specialized fellowship training in interventional cardiology at the University of Alberta, Canada. His research interests include: cardiac arrest, primary prevention of cardiovascular disease, and treatment of coronary artery disease. He is the recent winner of the prestigious Paul Dudley White International Scholar Award from the American Heart Association. He is currently studying cardiac arrest in Kenya and is initiating a registry to study patients with heart failure, acute coronary syndrome, vascular thromboembolism, and atrial fibrillation. Dr. Ngunga is the assistant secretary of the Kenya Cardiac Society (KCS) and serves as the Chair of the Echocardiography Taskforce at KCS. He is also an active member of the European Society of Cardiology


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Part-Time Faculty

Ashok Matharu, MBChB, MMed     
Senior Lecturer