​Education & Research


The Section of Internal Medicine plays a key role in the training of internal medicine residents on the fundamental of internal medicine.  Our Section further enhances the University’s education objective by:
Interactive case based morning report session.
  • Journal club

  • Morbidity and mortality conferences

  • Comprehensive evidence based clinic lectures from the Annals of Internal Medicine

  • Assistance with resident research projects, case reports, abstracts and poster presentations

  • Resident mentorship as needed

  • Involvement in local, national and international event related to internal medicine

  • Quality improvement projects centered around improving patient care and safety.

  • Presentation of our research work at local, national and international meetings and events

  • Education of our faculty and other staff members on advances in internal medicine evidence based medicine.


Current Research Projects

MMed Theses Research

  1. Hamilton O, Legare TB, Shannoon S, Ali SK.  NITCH – Non-islet Cell Tumor Hypoglycemia. CHEST, 2017-10-01, Volume 152, Issue 4, Pages A677-A677

  2. Esplin N, Stelzer J, Legare T, Ali SK.  Difficult to Treat Focal, Stiff Person Syndrome of the Left Upper Extremity. Case Reports in Neurological Medicine, Volume 1,2017, Article ID 2580620 (https://doi.org/10.1155/2017/2580620)

  3. Banks DE, Ali SK. How useful are clinical criteria for diagnosis malignant, paramalignant and benign pleural effusions. Lung 2017:1-2

  4. Legare TB, Kumar S, Ali SK. Cultivating Communications with Patients. The American Journal of Medicine 2017; 130(10):1156-1157​