Dual Master's Degree with Columbia University

An innovative curriculum that includes two and half years of seminars, tutorials, interdisciplinary electives, and intensive foreign language training. Taught by world-class scholars, students have access to over 100 scholars as well as the distinctive academic resources of both universities. 

Immersed in the vibrant intellectual communities of two of the world's great cities, students will spend Part 1 of the programme at Columbia University  in New York (semesters 1-2) and Part 2 at AKU-ISMC in London (semesters 3-4).  At the heart of the programme is the MA dissertation, an original scholarly work based on empirical research and analysis in which students will be encouraged to carry out field-based or archival research. Choose from the extensive list of elective courses spanning different academic disciplines, time periods and regions gives students the freedom to design specially tailored paths in their training. 

Upon completion, graduates receive two Master's degrees in Islamic Studies and Muslim Cultures, one from each institution.   Students will be well placed to pursue PhD at leading universities or careers in international development, journalism, cultural preservation, public service, and human rights.

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