Partnerships​​ and Collaborations​

​​Professor Jonas Otterbeck and Anjum Alam pictured with academic partners at Nova University in Lisbon, Portugal, and student of the 2023 Summer School.

About us

Located at the Aga Khan Centre (AKC) in London's Knowledge Quarter in King's Cross, AKU-ISMC is an integral part of the Aga Khan University, and the Aga Khan Development Network. We contribute to the global impact of the Aga Khan University, with thirteen campuses spread across three continents, and are central to the University's mission of becoming a world-class liberal arts Institution.  

Our vision

AKU-ISMC is a leading, research-focused institution that believes academic enquiry and education can enable understanding and positive social change. Our focus is the study of Muslim cultures and contexts across the diverse societies of the Muslim world, past and present.

Alongside our academic pursuits, we strive to bridge the gap between academic excellence and the challenges faced by underdeveloped and culturally diverse societies. We actively engage with civil society organisations working in areas such as Religious Education, intercultural dialogue, migration policy, and international diplomacy. Our work aims to challenge essentialist assumptions by demonstrating that broad generalisations about religions or geographies, such as Islam, the West, and the Global North and South, lack substantial evidence when examined closely. ​