Group Formation and Maintenance in the Abbasid Caliphate, 750-1000: Zoroastrians, Manichees and Polytheists

13th October, Queen Mary, University of London. Graduate Centre Room 603

0930-1000 Introduction 

1000-1030 Jaako Hameen-Antilla (Edinburgh) Nabateans- a pagan community in first milennium Iraq? 

1030-1100 Istvan Kristo-Nagy (Exeter) Re-casting golden ages: in the humanities, in Islam and in Ibn al-Muqaffa's writing 

1100-1130 Tea 

1130-1200 Nazanin Lak (Leiden), The Sasanian institution of sturih: A legal continuity in early Islamic centuries 

1200-1230 Kayla Dang (St. Louis), The Zoroastrian priesthood in the ninth and tenth centuries and the construction of Ādurbād ī Mahrspandān 

1230-1330 Lunch 

1330-1400 Arash Zeini (Oxford), Can an identity discourse be read into the Zand? 

1400-1430 Kianoosh Rezania (Bochum), The Zoroastrian Priestly Tradition in early Islamic and Sasanian Literature 

1430-1500 Tea 

1500-1530 Christian Sahner (Oxford), The Definitive Zoroastrian Critique of Islam 

1530-1600 Nima Jamali (Toronto), Death and Debate. Inheritance Law, Personal Property and Communal Identity among Zoroastrians and East Syriac Christians from the Late Sasanian to the early Islamic periods. 

1600-1630 Conclusions 

1830 Dinner at Ariana​ 

Attendees: Nima Jamali, Christian Sahner, Kianoosh Rezania, Arash Zeini, Kayla Dang, Nazanin Lak, Istvan Kristo-Nagy, Jaako Hameen-Antilla, Aslisho Qurboniev, Ed Hayes, Yasmin Ilkhani, Sam Noble, Bogdan Draghici, Philip Wood, May Shaddel, Anna Chrysostomides, Sofie Leathers​

Group Formation and Maintenance among Jews and Samaritans in the Abbasid Period, c.750-1000. 

22nd February 2023. Online. 

13.30 Introduction 

14.00 Uri Simonsohn (Haifa) "A few remarks on medieval rabbinic notions of apostasy." 

14.30 Moshe Yagur (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) 'Jewish Presence in Islamic Jerusalem: A Jewish-Muslim-Christian debate' 

15.00 Break 

15.30 Philip Lieberman (Vanderbilt) 'Permeable intercommunal barriers in Abbasid Iraq' 

16.00 Jennifer Grayson (UNC Chapel Hill) 'From Autonomy by Default to Autonomy by Design' 

16.30 Break 

17.00 Philip Wood (AKU-ISMC) 'The Samaritan community in the ninth and tenth centuries' 

17.30 Marc Herman (York University, Toronto) 'The Textual Community of Samuel ben Hofni's Sacred Histories' 

18.00 Break 

18.30 Eve Krakowski (Princeton) “What did it mean to be a 'Rabbanite' Jew in the tenth century?" 

19.00 Fred Astren (San Francisco state)'Caesura, Entrainment, and Resistance: Abbasid Jews and Muslim Time' 

19.30 Conclusions​

Programme: Christian Group Formation and Maintenance in the Abbasid Caliphate (750-1000)

Woolf Institute, Cambridge. 28th September, 2022. 

9.00-9.30 Welcome

9.30-10.00 Introduction 

10.00-11.00 Session 1​

Anna Chrysostomides (Queen Mary, University of London), 'There is no god but God': Islamization and Religious Code Switching' 

Marianna Mazzola (Ghent), 'Syriac Orthodox Narratives on Kingship and their historicization in the new social context of the Abbasid empire' 

11.00-11.30 Coffee 

11.30-1300 Session 2

Dan Reynolds (Birmingham), 'The Melkites and the West, c.800-1099'                                   

Mathilde Boudier (Paris I) TBA                                   

Philip Wood (AKU-ISMC, London), 'Violence by Christians under the early Abbasids' 

1300-1400 Lunch 

1400-1500 Session 3 

Ashoor Yousif (Tyndale college, Toronto), 'Inter-Community Concerns: Religious Conversion and Communal Identity in the Early Abbasid Caliphate' 

Giovanni Gomiero (Padua) '“A strong Christian community" in 8th century Iraq? Clashes between religions and institutions in the History of Rabban Cyprian and Rabban Gabriel of Thomas of Marga (9th century)' 

1500-1530 Tea 

1530-1630 Session 4

Sam Noble (Leiden), 'The Melkites of Byzantine Antioch. Navigating Identity between institutions and cultures'                                   

Bogdan Draghici (Oxford), 'How can a rustic nourish the urban ones? Community building amongst the Syrian Orthodox at the turn of the first millennium'​