Dr Afsar Ali Mian

Team​ Lead​​​, Assistant Professor 

hpicon_voice_calling1.png+92 21 3486 554​​2

2  Email Logo.png ​ ​afsar.mian​@aku.edu​​


Dr Afsar Mian has expertise in developing novel drugs and peptide therapies as targeted therapies against Leukaemia. ​His research is focused on understanding the mechanisms of treatment-resistant or refractory Leukaemia. ​​Dr Mian's research ​has resulted in the development of PF-114 drug for treating resistant L​eukaemia ​which is currently in phase III clinical trial. ​​His current research at AKU-CRM is focusing on developing a cell and peptide-based approach for treating Ph+ Leukaemia​​. ​

Dr Mian's Mentor

 ​Professor Neil Shah 

Hematologist, University of California, San Francisco