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Sounds of the right kind

SONOGAMES is an ultrasound co​mpetition in which participants demonstrate their knowledge and skills of ultrasound.


The aim of this exercise is to enhance teaching and learning in ultrasound of the female pelvis and neonatal hip through interactive lectures and hands-on practice sessions. This exercise will enhance and consolidate the ultrasound knowledge and hands-on skills.


The participants will be actively engaged in interactive lectures and hands-on activities such as:

Taking the right decision

  1. General knowledge
  2. Technical
  3. Diagnostic
  4. Management
  5. Evidence-based

Hands-on simulation

  1. Blind partner
  2. Fast chess
  3. Radiologist the best communicators

Credit Hours


Who should attend?

Radiology residents


May 4, 2019


For registration and further information, please contact us.

Centre for Innovation in Medical Education
Aga Khan University, Stadium Road, Karachi 74800, Pakistan
Tel: +92 21 3486 3705 / 3733 / 3704