SIMWARS - An on-stage simulation based competition

What is SIMWARS?

SIMWARS was created by Dr. Yasuharu Okuda, MD, Andy Godwin, MD, and Scott Weingart, MD. It is an on-stage, simulation based competition amongst inter-professional teams, where they are required to respond to short high fidelity simulated clinical scenarios, spectated by large audiences and evaluated on the basis of their communication, teamwork, decision-making and management by an inter-disciplinary jury. The jury assesses and debriefs the teams and scores the participants according to their performance. The audience also gets to vote for their favorite teams. The total score of jury and audience defines the winning team.


Simulation based education provides a safe space to improve knowledge, skills and attitudes with a cushion to make mistakes without the fear of harming patients. SIMWARS is the ultimate learning opportunity for students to put together their theoretical knowledge into practice.

We are looking for inter-professional teams of five to compete against their peers in a stimulating learning environment. Round-one will be spread over two days in which the teams will compete against each other and winning teams will advance to semi-finals and from there two teams will battle to finals.



February 23, 2019

Semi-finals & Finals

March 9, 2019 ​

Who should attend?

Undergraduate and postgraduate medical and nursing students, and Allied health professionals


Students / Allied health professionals: Rs. 200

Residents / Nurses: Rs. 500​

For registration and further information, please contact us.

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