Clinical Simulation Operators Programme

Be the mind behind the machine

The Clinical Simulation Operators Programme has been developed to address the training needs of technicians and operations personnel within simulation centres. The programme provides an insight into the range of approaches to simulation education and appropriate terminology, as well as audio-visual, biomedical, information and communications technologies. Competencies will be acquired in those roles and responsibilities of the simulation technician including scenario programming, equipment repair and maintenance, calendar/timeline management, running simulation sessions and much more. 

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Participants will be actively engaged in challenging but well supported activities, in teams, to acquire a global understanding of clinical simulation as a pedagogy and as a process to be effectively managed from a technologist perspective. Theory will be provided to the extent that it informs practice. The main focus will be on participants acquiring skills and knowledge to be able to select and prepare appropriate technologies and simulators in order to allow academics and clinicians to achieve their educational objectives through clinical simulation.

Module Descriptors

Module 1      ​What is a clinical simulation?

Module 2      Basic concepts of simulators

Module 3      Technology for debriefing

Module 4      Translating and programming scenarios

Module 5      Troubleshooting and maintenance

Module 6      Preparing and setup of simulated spaces and learning rooms

Module 7      Selecting the right product

Module 8      Innovation and development

Module 9      Professionalism and vendor relationships


Programme Fee: PKR 20,000​ + 5% SST

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