​School Teachers’ First Responder Course

Introduction and Aims

This one-day course will teach you how to respond immediately to medical emergencies in the classroom. Using our world-class simulation facilities, you will learn how to ensure a child’s safe recovery from:

  • Electric shock
  • Near drowning
  • Seizure
  • Fainting
  • Head trauma
  • Bleeding
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Scalds and burns

Through simulation and feedback you will learn situational awareness; the necessity for rapid effective communication in the first few moments of an emergency, and how to protect other children from infection risks of uncontrolled bleeding and the emotional consequences of dramatic situations in class.

Date & Time

February 22, 2020

8 ​am to 5 pm


Fee: Rs. 5,000

Online registration form: https://forms.gle/91pKMeJG1hof4TmK9

For further information, please contact us.

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