Clinical Simulation Educators Programme

Clinical simulation creates competence and saves lives

This five-day, face-to-face programme, equips participants with the skills, knowledge and practical experience to enable informed choices to be made regarding where, how, and when Clinical Simulation is applicable. It is designed for faculty and clinicians who wish their teaching skills to be current, credible and at the cutting edge. 

Teaching and learning strategy

Participants will actively be engaged in challenging but well supported activities. Theory will be provided to the extent that it informs practice. The focus will be on designing, managing, and evaluating clinical skills acquisition through clinical simulation, in all its forms. Stringent adherence to facemasks, distancing and hand sanitization along with sanitization of equipment will produce a safe, but still enjoyable environment for learning.

Module Descriptors

Module 1      ​Simulation modalities and their application

Module 2      Teaching through simulation I

Module 3      Teaching through simulation II

Module 4      Course design and scenario development I

Module 5      Course design and scenario development II

Module 6      Debriefing and providing feedback

Module 7      Simulation in action​

Module 8      Mock OSCE

Module 9      Measuring the outcomes of simulation

Module 10    Cultural competence & the ethical dimensions of clinical simulation

Programme Director

Professor Charles Docherty
Robert Buchanan Chair in Teaching with Technology and
Global Director, Aga Khan Centres for Innovation in Medical Education


Programme Fee: PKR 50,000​ including 5% tax (For Pakistan) or KSH 6​0,000 (For East​ Africa)

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For further information, please contact us.

Centre for Innovation in Medical Education
Aga Khan University, Stadium Road, Karachi 74800, Pakistan
Tel: +92 21 3486 3730 / 3733 / 3705

Email: cime@aku.edu​​

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