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Message from the Director


On behalf of the CIME team, I would like to extend our warmest greetings to you and your families on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr. May this auspicious occasion bring you joy, peace, and prosperity.


In this edition, I am pleased to share some highlights from the recent activities at our centers in Karachi and Nairobi. Our centers have been focusing on innovative healthcare education, providing state-of-the-art technology and hands-on training to healthcare professionals at AKU and beyond. Our activities have had a significant impact not only on our teaching and learning but also on the patients we serve. We have partnered with several departments to expand our reach, and we are open to more partnerships to enhance healthcare education in our communities.


Once again, we wish you a happy and blessed Eid al-Fitr.



Dr Faisal Ismail

Interim Global Director, CIME




























MC-SONAM collaboration earns prestigious teaching award


The Aga Khan University Medical College and School of Nursing and Midwifery have been honoured with a prestigious teaching award for their successful collaboration in healthcare education. The partnership achieved a remarkable milestone by conducting two Inter-professional Certificate Courses in Liver Disease, the first-of-its-kind postgraduate inter-professional educational (IPE) activity. CIME was a major partner in this effort, with numerous simulation sessions being conducted. The collaboration between MC, SONAM and CIME aimed to create awareness among healthcare providers regarding the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of patients with liver disease.












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EyeSurg Tournament: Revolutionizing Ophthalmology Training


The EyeSurg Tournament has become a remarkable example of partnership between the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences and the Centre for Innovation in Medical Education. The inaugural tournament was held in August 2021, organized by a team led by Dr. M. Bilal Malik, Chief Resident of Ophthalmology at AKU. Since its inception, the EyeSurg Tournament has been organized four times, drawing participants from a wide range of institutions.













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Open House Day


CIME Nairobi was one of the key areas showcased during the undergraduate Open Day on March 24, 2023. Students and their parents from different parts of the country who showed interest in our undergraduate medical and nursing education programmes were taken on a comprehensive tour of the Aga Khan University Centre and its facilities, including CIME Nairobi. Visitors received a briefing on simulation-based learning, cutting-edge technology, and the simulation mannequins available at CIME Nairobi.





CIME trains OLP Moadaraba staff in life-saving techniques


We recently conducted a life-saving training session for the staff of OLP Moadaraba. The training covered hands-only CPR, fracture immobilization, and bleeding control, equipping the staff with the necessary skills to respond to emergency situations. The training was well-received by the participants, who expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to learn life-saving techniques.





Empowering Secondary Hospital nurses and midwives with newborn assessment and management skills


Nursing services of AKU’s secondary hospitals has arranged a simulation-based workshop named “Newborn AIMS (Assessment, identification, Initiation and Management”. Nurses and midwives of AKU's secondary hospitals attended the workshop with a focus on identifying and initiating treatment for respiratory distress, hypoglycemia and hypothermia in newborns. The workshop utilized the Neonatal Resuscitation Algorithm to teach participants the necessary skills for newborn assessment and emergency management. Through a combination of task training and high-fidelity simulation modalities, participants were able to put their skills to the test and gain hands-on experience.




















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