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Victoria: Secrets Revealed


CIME Nairobi was recently privileged to capture 4 days from the busy schedule of Dr Carlos Chidiac, of Gaumard, to help in the installation, trouble-shooting diagnostics and training for the state-of-the art peri-natal and birthing simulator Victoria. CIME team and invited faculty of the university and hospital attended.












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Magnifi-Sim – A series of simulation based workshops


CIME as official ‘Knowledge Partners’ of The MagnifiScience Centre organised a series of simulation-based workshops ‘Magnifi-Sim’ in the first quarter of 2022. This series was aimed at informing the public on commonly encountered healthcare situations, using the latest techniques of simulation based education with technology.












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SeeMe in Lisbon!


CIME’s Global Director, Professor Charles Docherty was invited by the Simulation Society in Portugal to share his experience of developing simulation centres in Pakistan and East Africa. Inspired by Roomi’s quote ‘You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life? The title of his talk was ‘How to Fly Your Simulation Centre’.
























First Responders Course for The MagnifiScience Centre staff


CIME’s highly successful ‘Teachers First Responders Course’ was adapted to meet the needs of the 170 staff of the MagnifiScience Centre to allow them to respond with confidence to the medical emergencies that regularly occur in visitors to the Centre.












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The Swiss Ambassador to Pakistan and Afghanistan Bénédict de Cerjat on tour to see our facilities in Pakistan.




















Consul General of The Republic of Indonesia, Dr. June Kuncoro Hadiningrat on campus tour to see our facilities in Pakistan.

















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Professor Charles Docherty was invited to join as panelist in the Higher Education Expo and Career Fair organised by The Daily Nation and NTV in Kenya. Grab a cup of tea - it’s over an hour long! Watch video…




















Editor’s must watch video pick: Participants from all over East Africa sing the praises of ‘The Clinical Simulation Educators' Programme’ conducted in Nairobi late February this year. Watch video…
















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