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Jan - Feb 2021







Thankfully we’re gradually seeing the students return in numbers. It’s great to have them back. In preparation we’re re-claiming most of the ground floor that till now was reserved for Covid patients. We can reverse this decision should the need arise.

Another positive development this early in the year is the increasing external recognition of CIME and consolidation as a centre of excellence in clinical simulation: very recently two of our champions and two of our simulation specialists received certification from SSH; one has also received special recognition as a ‘Simulation Ambassador’, and coincidentally was the lead author of a novel article from the perspective of a Simulation Technical Operator. Reference at the end. To cap it all, CIME’s Global Director has been invited to become a member of the newly formed SIMGHOSTS Global Council. This will help us push the agenda from Pakistan and East Africa, further develop our network and opportunities for grants and collaborative working.

In CIME Nairobi, we’re now recruiting our technical and administrative staff so that when the keys of the door are available, we can get to work preparing for faculty and students. One step at a time and we’ll get there.









Congratulations to our CIME technical team!

Congratulations to Mr Talha Ahmed Khan and Mr Naveed Muhammad Anwar for being awarded the Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist (CHSOS) Certificate. They are the first in Pakistan to achieve this and further recognizes the quality of our staff in CIME. We are delighted by their achievement and their significant contribution towards furthering the excellence of healthcare simulation at AKU.








CIME rising star receives prestigious Simulation Advocacy Award!

Our heartiest congratulations to Mr Burhan Ali, Operational Management Analyst, CIME, for being awarded “Simulation Advocacy Award”. This is awarded annually through nomination by SSH for contributions towards promoting healthcare simulation. An impressive aspect of his role is that he contributes his skills and knowledge to CIME’s global presence in four countries.







Reflecting on the Clinical Simulation Educators Programme - Online

The Clinical Simulation Educators Programme (CSEP) has proven to be vital in developing the capacity of faculty to conduct simulation-based education (SBE) at the Aga Khan University. Offered by the centre’s qualified educators, with contributions from experienced faculty, this five-day intensive in-person programme is tailored to provide just-in-time learning to participants priming them with skills and knowledge to incorporate clinical simulation in their teaching tool-box. With the advent of the pandemic and due to the high demand for the CSEP internally and internationally, the course was adapted to 8 weeks Online allowing participants to have both synchronous and asynchronous sessions.






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Student initiates simulation to improve neonatal care

Life-saving interventions are sometimes required in the newborn infant such as chest physiotherapy and suction aim to remove airway secretions, improve delivery of ventilation, prevent or resolve respiratory complications and facilitate early weaning.

Roshan Ara, Post RN student and NICU nurse, observed that the practice of suctioning and physiotherapy, unless performed correctly, can result in a longer NICU stay, prolonged intubation time, and in the worst cases may result in the infant’s dependency on the ventilator or atelectasis. She saw the need to have customised simulation-based training to equip NICU staff with evidence-based knowledge and practice in this field.






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Webinar on inborn errors of metabolism (IEM)

​Successful early diagnosis of any inborn errors of metabolism (IEM) is crucial for the positive clinical outcomes of the affected neonate. However, it is not straightforward and poses a real challenge for neonatologists. CIME organised a webinar on the diagnosis of inborn errors of metabolism (IEM) to equip paediatricians and general practitioners with an understanding of the indicators to successfully diagnose IEM in critically ill neonates. The webinar was very well received and appreciated by the audience.





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Boot Camp for nursing fourth-year students

Let's hear what our experts and participants have to say about this first-ever Boot Camp organised for graduating fourth-year nursing students.

It was aimed at providing intensive, timely training to help improve and polish clinical skills before nursing students transition to the trainee nurse interns roles. Watch video...






Simulated learning in rural community environment: pushing the boundary

Authors: Burhanuddin Ali Akber, Mehak Ismail Rajani, Farah Khalid, Charles Docherty.





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