Edition 33

November 2020







In this covid-induced roller-coaster life, learning to cope with stop-start and delay and sudden deadlines to meet is becoming the tedious norm. When we eventually emerge we will be stronger. More resilient. And we’ll ‘party like its 1999’. For now, though, we must patiently continue to be responsive; to be pro-active where we can without wasting energy in hopeless endeavours; and to remain calm and disciplined. Our activities in CIME have significantly increased in the past few months but are about to drop off again until January 10th. C’est La Vie. We have great plans for 2021 as CIME extends to East Africa. This project has deadlines that can’t be changed, covid or not. It’s challenging but exciting at the same time. We in CIME are becoming expert in space planning, designing technological and educational infrastructure and specifying requirements for simulation based education: skills and knowledge that are as rare as hen’s teeth and in high demand as Simulation Based Education continues to grow. This is being recognised by other institutions in Pakistan who wish to work with us: a tribute to our continued success. Our online Clinical Simulation Educators Programme is currently in progress, the majority of participants hailing from East Africa and through our interaction with them, giving lots of reasons to be optimistic that CIME Nairobi will also be a great success.

A bit early I know – but like driving in Karachi, let’s move forward into 2021 with speed and confidence without checking your mirror or looking over your shoulder: let’s all have a really great new year!

Professor Charles Docherty

Global Director – CIME








AKU’s first triage management course

The Department of Emergency Medicine in collaboration with CIME conducted AKU’s first-ever simulation-based Triage Management course for nurses and technicians working in the hospital triage area.






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AKU’s first paediatric boot camp

The Paediatric Boot Camp was conducted by the Department of Paediatrics & Child Health in collaboration with CIME to provide simulation-based hands-on training to improve novice airway providers’ skills and confidence in a challenging but safe learning environment. A total of 17 paediatric residents, fellows and nurses participated.






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Minister of IT and Telecommunication visits CIME

Syed Aminul Haque, Federal Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunication, visited CIME to explore our facilities.








Certified Healthcare Simulation Educators

Congratulations to Ms Zohra Kurji and Dr Faisal Ismail for earning the Certified Healthcare Simulation Educators certification. They are the first Nurse and Doctor in Pakistan to pass this examination.





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Triage management course

A total of 20 nurses and technicians participated in this Triage Management course. It improved learners’ clinical decision-making and equipped them with the knowledge and skills to deal with critical situations.

Let’s hear what our facilitators have to say about this event. Watch video…



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