Sectio​n II: Four 5-Bedded Simulation Wards for Skills Acquisition and Assessment

This section has four five-bedded simulation wards (with facilities for isolation room training), which can be opened out to form a Mock Emergency Room. It has an Instruction-cum-Debriefing Room which can accommodate up to forty​ persons.  ​

It has facilities for 

  • Dealing with emergency situations alone and in teams;​

  • Developing elementary and complex nursing skills and those needed for nursing specialization.

Four 5-Bedded Wards 

The four 5-bedded wards are similar to hospital units where nursing and medical students receive hands-on practice before they proceed to actual patient areas. The beds are used interchangeably for medical, surgical, orthopedic, obstetrics, gynecological, pae​diatrics and critical care. 

Isolation Room

One of the wards doubles as a Decontamination and Isolation Room.​

Advanced Nursing Skills Acquisition

The MSc Nursing students acquire specialized nursing skills ​and advanced health assessment skills.​​

Mock Emergency Room

The four wards are separated by flexible sound-proof dividers and can be opened up into a Mock Emergency Room for team-training, disaster and critical care training.​