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Standardized ​​Patient Lounge​​​

There is a lounge for Standardized Patients (SP). The SP Bank at AKU has 80 registered simulated patients and 5 real patients.

The SP Bank includes he​​alth​​​y people, actual patients with chronic but stable health problems as well as actors who are traine​d by the clinical faculty to act out situations in a consistent manner according to the need of the programme and demands of educational experience.

At CIME, the novice students needed a safe environment to learn, make mistakes and practice clinical skills, before they apply these skills on real, sick patients. The SPs give feedbacks to the students on their performance thus help in boosting their confidence.​

SP Lounge.jpg​​


The enclosed and serene CIME Courtyard with the AKU signature architectural theme of harmoniously blending water, trees, marble benches and air tunnels, is a popular site for holding literary and art events, functions and d​inners.

There is a din​​ing outlet with outside dining facilities with tables and chairs covered with umbrellas on the patio sect​ion of the courtyard.

CIME courtyards can be used for small gathering for tea, lunch or dinner.

Main Courtyard: Has café and sitting arrangements for 48 people.

Mini Courtyard: Sitting arrangements for 12 people.​



The CIME cafe serves brunch, lunch and supper facilities for faculty, staff and students.

Cashless facility is available here. The area adjoins with dining space to accommodate 48 people in seating of four.

Lunch reservation​ for the workshops can also be made upon request.