​​Section IV: e-Health Innovation Centre with Information Communication Technology (ICT)​

CIME upholds the principles of quality and access by connecting the people in Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan to AKU faculty via tele-medicine clinics. It also has a e-Health virtual ward, a digital library and a Simulation​ Research Unit. ​

e-Health Clinic Suite

The Clinical e-Health Suite should have a te​lemedicine room, a Doctor's Viewing Room, and a physician's office, reception/waiting area, patient education room and examination room. The Suite supports clinical e-health training needs, and is open to research and evaluation projects. It provides a networked simulated clinical care environment for training, conformance testing, evaluation, and showcasing of state-of-the-art te​​chnologies being used in healthcare. 

​Virtual Research Unit ​(VRU)

The VRU consists of a Simulation Lab, a room for Master Robot and a control room​.  It can present a multi-tasking environment to allow assessment of new technologies and many real-world settings under controlled conditions, which can then be introduced ​into the real world. The lab will allow industry representatives to demonstrate their products, generating ideas for innovations, and will bridge gaps between the developers, users, researchers and beneficiaries of e-Health technologies.​​

Inpatient e-Health Suite and Virtual Ward and Disaster Training Area

The In-patient e-Health Suite is an 8-bed virtual ward, with state-of-the-art monitoring units, teleconferencing facilities, net-working services, and alarms to demonstrate and support simulated inpatient environment for teaching and assessment. The unit supports research and evaluation projects. Inpatient e-Health Suite is established with a vision to portray a 'Next generation hospital ward.'  

It also has 

  1. Viewing or Observation Rooms.

  2. A Virtual Triage Room for twenty people with twenty computer stations. 

  3. A Debriefing Room for twenty peopl​e.  ​