Conference and Class Rooms

The Centre is an idyllic setting for educational seminars, conferences and workshops. The best events incorporate the best technology. We bring in state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment to ensure your presentation makes an impact. 

The Centre has a large multipurpose education hall, four conference rooms and twenty two classrooms for small group learning. All the rooms are open to flexible seating arrangements to make it more comfortable and inviting, whether you are hosting a workshop, seminar or conference. They can be converted into classroom, theatre style, U-shape and banquet rounds. Internet access via Wi-Fi and floor boxes for electric sockets ​are available in each room.​

Mult​ipurpose Educati​onal Hall

The hall utilizes modern Audio-Visual and Information Technology that adds a new dimension to educational seminars, sessions and workshops, making them more effervescent, collaborative, connected and yet controlled.

The hall has 6 drop down scr​eens, 2 high wall mounted display screens, and 4 wall mounted P.C. screens for video conferencing. Each P.C. screen and drop down screens can be connected to separate laptops. The area is surrounded with in built mike system and camera for focusing different angles during any session.​​ ​​​The camera can zoom onto any of the speakers anywhere in the room saving time and making all participants feel connected.​ The advanced AV technology allows us to connect around the world.

The hall can accommodate a maximum seating arrangement of 130 participants, has specially ordered furniture that can be used to make the ambience more comfortable, relaxed and up-close. Furthermore, the flexible sound proof partitions allow the hall to be divided into two sub halls (Hall A and Hall B).

A brief overview of IT is mentioned below:​

  1. Video Conference enabled through direct connect or Zoom

  2. Audio Conference enabled

  3. Document Camera

  4. Touch enable podium screen

  5. ​AV control panel on Podium

MPH 1.jpg

Large Conference / Debriefing Rooms

The Centre has three large conference rooms. The rooms have two 70” P.C. screens at one end for video conferencing and a drop down screen at the other end for presentations.​ Both P.C. and drop down screens can be connected with separate laptops.

Each conference room can accommodate from 30 to 40 people. The rooms can be used for presentations, lectures, workshops and debriefing sessions. All the rooms are open to flexible seating arrangements to make it more comfortable, relaxed and up-close. The advanced audiovisual technology in conference rooms allows us to connect around the world.

Deb 1st.jpg​​

Small Conference / Debriefing Room

This is an ideal small room for presentations, debriefing sessions, meetings and group discussions. ​​​This room has two 70” P.C. screens for video conferencing and presentations.​ The room also has advanced audiovisual technology.

The space can accommodate from 18 to 20 people, is useful for small group education, video conferencing, and interactive presentations. The room can also be converted into classroom, theatre style, U-shape and banquet rounds.​

Deb 2nd.jpg

Problem-​based Learning Room​​s​​

The flexible multi-purpose 11 classrooms can be used for small group learning or problem-based learning. The rooms are equipped with interactive multiboard 55" from PRESTIGIO an interactive flat panel displays (IFPD) with Windows P.C. featured with impressive FHD picture, 10 points multitouch, three writing pens, remote control application and driver USB-disk.

Cameras are installed for recording sessions. Each room comprise of a clinical bed with a mounted examination light, hand washing sink and sanitizers. This room can accommodate 11 people.​​


Consulting Rooms​​

There are 11 consulting rooms, which can be used for encounters with standardized patients or practice with task trainers or mannequins. Each consulting room layout is similar to a patient examination room, with a patient bed, mounted examination light, chairs, hand washing sink and sanitizers.

This room can accommodate 7 people.​ The encounters in all of these rooms can be audio and video taped for students and professors to view post encounter to enhance the learning process.

Consulting Room.jpg

Observation Rooms​​

There are 11 observation rooms in small group learning area. The rooms can be used to control and monitor clinical skills exams and small group learning sessions.

The rooms features include:

  • One way glass to make observations.
  • Advanced sound system to make communication.
  • Each room has two desktop P.C. can be used to control and monitor clinical skills exams and small group learning sessions.
Observation Room.jpg

Open Learning Space

​​This space is used during the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) for students to be brief about the circuit. It can also be made into a class room or conference room by flexible sound-proof divider.

This space can accommodate up to 30 people.​​ Cabinets for equipment storage are also available in this area.

Open Learning Area.jpg​​

​​Venue Details​


​Total SQ FT





Multipurpose Educational Hall
A & B
​​​2308 Sqft
​Total 130
Hall A = 30
Hall B = 70
Total 60
Hall A = 20
Hall B = 40 
Hall A = NA
Hall B = 30
Total = 60
Hall A = 24
Hall B = 36
Debriefing Room
Ground Floor​
780 Sqft​​
Total 40

​Total 16
​Total 16
Conference Room
Ground Floor​
​672 Sqft
Total 30​​Total 16

​Total 16

Problem-based Learning Room​s
230 Sqft​Total 11​​Total 11
Consulting Room​s
148 Sqft​​Total 7​​Total 7
Debriefing Room
1st Floor
925 Sqft​​Total 40​​Total 16

​Total 16
Debriefin​g Room
2nd Floor​
442 Sqft​Total 20
Total 18​​Total 12

​Total 18


Room Layout.png