​Pakistan Life Savers Programme (PLSP)

​At CETE, we believe in rallying the community toward emergency preparedness at large.

Our flagship 'Pakistan Life Savers Programme (PLSP)' is based on partnerships between academia, health and education sector, and government and is catalyzed by a small secretariat based at the CETE. The programme's primary goal is to​​ transform Pakistan into a nation of empowered citizens with basic skills to save lives. Through this programme, we aim to train 10 million Pakistani citizens and help them acquire basic life-saving skills of CPR and Bleeding Control

So far, over 250,000 Pakistani citizens have been trained as Life Savers!

To learn more about the programme or to participate, please visit plsp.org.pk​.​​​

10 Million 
Pakistan Life Savers to be trained in CPR and bleeding control.
10 years 
Total timeframe for the programme.

Over 10
Healthcare partner institutes from all across the country.


To develop a nation of empowered citizens and youth with the skills to save lives.


PLSP is a youth skill-building and empowerment programme that aims to train 10 million people in hands-only CPR and bleeding control. PLSP will also:

  • Deliver evidence-based programmes in life-saving skills.

  • Develop a network of Life Savers, with a focus on teachers, and the large youth population of Pakistan.

  • Establish a consortium of local and international partners to create a global impact.

  • Be a model for interdisciplinary approaches to development challenges.​​


"​​An education is a priceless gift for which there can be no real repayment and The Aga Khan University School of Medical Class of 1994 is forever indebted to it’s Alma Mater. As such, we remain steadfast in our commitment to give back to The AKU and have pledged a Class gift to fund the Pakistan Life Saver’s Program - a nationwide venture that aims to teach school-going children how to do CPR and potentially, save millions of lives." Rea​d m​​ore...

​Dr. Asad Ansari, Class representative, MBBS 1994 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​| read more​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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