​​PLSP-RAF Leadership in Resuscitation Course 

The PLSP-RAF Leadership in Resuscitation Course, conducted bi-annually by the Pakistan Life Savers Programme Secretariat in partnership with the Resuscitation Academy Foundation (RAF) in Seattle, is tailored to provide comprehensive training in resuscitation leadership Master Trainers within the Pakistan Life Savers Programme. 

Participants undergo intensive training in High-Performance CPR (HP-CPR) along with sessions focused on effective team leadership. The course adopts a Train-the-Trainer methodology, combining theoretical sessions with hands-on practical training.

To date, the course has seen six editions, featuring esteemed guest speakers such as:

With a total of 150 participants trained thus far, they are equipped to conduct resuscitation training sessions within their respective communities.

We express our gratitude to the Resuscitation Academy Foundation for enriching the course with their invaluable contributions, which include providing course content, ensuring quality assurance, and featuring distinguished keynote speakers.​