​Medical First Responder Course

​In our commitment to improving outcomes from out-of-hospital medical emergencies in Pakistan, our team recently conducted the first edition of the MFR course for the laymen staff members of Aga Khan Agency for Habitat (AKAH) Pakistan. The course, held from December 5th to 9th, 2022, focused on empowering individuals to become effective Medical First Responders.

Day One Resuscitation Day: 

The theme of the first day centered around resuscitation, covering essential topics such as Hands-Only CPR and Stop the Bleed. Participants delved into an introduction to Emergency Medical Services (EMS), stress management, ethical responsibility, infectious diseases, and precautionary measures. The day concluded with practical skills sessions on patient assessment, choking interventions, and the creation of a basic first aid box.

Day Two Trauma Day:

The second day focused on trauma-related scenarios, including trauma assessment, hemorrhage control, wound management, head and spinal injuries, chest injuries, abdominal and pelvis injuries, and musculoskeletal injuries of the upper and lower limbs. Participants actively engaged in hands-on activities and learned to assemble a comprehensive MFR Kit.

Day Three Medical Emergencies Day:

Medical emergencies took center stage on the third day, with discussions and practical sessions on oxygen therapies, respiratory emergencies (asthma, COPD, toxic product inhalation), non-traumatic shock, cardiovascular emergencies (MI, angina, CCF, hypertension, chest pain), cerebrovascular emergencies, allergic reactions, anaphylaxis, abdominal emergencies, and pain management. Participants also created their emergency car kit.

Day Four Disaster Day:

Disaster preparedness was the focus of the fourth day, covering topics like cold illness, heat illness, burns, poisoning, foreign body, drowning, mass casualty incident planning, emergency rescue and carries, and assembling a 72-hour Survival Kit.

Day Five Care for Special Days:

The final day addressed special circumstances, including childbirth and newborn care. The session concluded with participant feedback, certificate distribution, and the official end of the course.

We look forward to continuing our mission of enhancing emergency response capabilities in Pakistan through education and training. ​