Third Party Evaluation of Rescue 1122 Emergency Medical Technicians​ (EMTs)

An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) plays a crucial role as a trained medical professional, swiftly responding to emergency medical situations to deliver immediate and efficient care to individuals in critical conditions.

The Centre has been privileged to serve as third-party evaluators for EMTs from Rescue 1122 Punjab, Sindh, and KPK who will be at the forefront of addressing medical emergencies and traumatic injuries in these three provinces.

Through four rounds of evaluation, we have assessed over 1000 EMTs, evaluating their proficiency in hands-on skills such as patient assessment, chest pain management, trauma assessment, bleeding control, C-spine stabilization & log roll, limb Splinting, altered level of consciousness - hypoglycemia, apneic patient care, cardiac arrest response, choking interventions, management or respiratory illnesses in children, childbirth assistance, gunshot scenarios, stroke response, drowning incidents, and burn care.

The evaluation includes both hands-on and theoretical components, culminating in a comprehensive 100 MCQ/BCQ theory paper.​​