​Heat Emergency Awareness and Treatment (HEAT)

Between 2017 and 2019, a randomized control trial involving 16,000 individuals hailing from Karachi was conducted to investigate heat emergency awareness and treatment (HEAT). Subsequently, the Centre has secured additional funding to expand the dissemination of this study to the district level.

This project comprises two primary components:

1: ​Mayor Conference: 

The primary objective is to enhance the response of cities in Pakistan to extreme heat. The initiative aims to encourage municipal leaders, including Mayors and Commissioners, to incorporate the findings of the HEAT study into their local contexts. This will be achieved through a four-step strategy:


  • Engaging mayors and city leaders through individual meetings.
  • Educating them about the challenges of heat and potential solutions.
  • Empowering them with relevant materials tailored to their settings.
  • Organizing a Mayor's Conference in Karachi.

2: ​​​​Informational Video: 

A concise educational video lasting 3-5 minutes will be produced to raise awareness about the risks, symptoms, and treatment of heat-related illnesses. The objective is to increase awareness, enhance community preparedness, and promote proactive measures for treatment. The target audience includes adult residents (aged 18 and above) in urban areas of Pakistan with an educational level of grade 5 or above. The effectiveness of heat-related messages has been validated through testing on a population of 16,000 individuals in Karachi. Various dissemination strategies, including YouTube, social networking platforms, and WhatsApp, will be utilized.

The video will be featured during the Mayor's Conference, where plans for content dissemination will be discussed with mayors from different urban areas. Tailored approaches will be identified to suit the specific needs of each jurisdiction. Close collaboration with the mayors' offices post-event will facilitate the implementation of appropriate next steps.​