​Grace Mugo
Project Assistant

Grace Mugo stands as a beacon in the field of mental health as a Medical Psychologist, having graduated from Moi University's School of Medicine. Her unwavering passion for mental health service delivery, advocacy, awareness creation, stigma reduction, and research has positioned her as a catalyst for positive change, dedicated to shaping policies and building capacity for individuals and society at large.

In recent years, Grace has carved a significant impact in the realm of adolescent mental health. Proudly serving as one of the pioneer Clinical Supervisors in a groundbreaking program implemented in a rural area, Grace has demonstrated her commitment to expanding mental health services to underserved communities.

As a Clinical Research Assistant (CRA) in the KePROS study, focused on the risk of psychosis in the Kenyan population, Grace demonstrated her versatility by utilizing advanced tools like REDCap for data collection and aiding participants in preparing for EEG and MRI procedures. Her role extended beyond data collection, encompassing project team supervision, stakeholder communication coordination, and collaboration in a multidisciplinary team to ensure the program's seamless implementation.

Grace's commitment to excellence is further highlighted by her training as a Biomedical and Social Behavioral Researcher from the CITI Program at Indiana University IU/Health. Her proficiency extends to the use of various psychiatric and psychological assessment tools. Certified by WHO in Quality Rights on Mental Health, Recovery, and Community Inclusion, Grace is a licensed and certified Medical Psychologist under the Medical Psychology Association of Kenya (MPAK).

Currently serving as a Project Assistant for the Genetics of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in African Ancestry Populations Study at the Aga Khan University's Brain and Mind Institute, Grace's passion for mental health continues to be the driving force behind her commitment to research, policy advocacy, and capacity building. Her role in the BMI research team empowers her to contribute to individuals' mental health goals and challenge the prevailing negative narratives surrounding mental health in society. Grace is a force for transformative change in mental health.​​