Shah Hussain​

Collection Development Lib​rarian​



T: 020 7756 2716



Shah Hussain holds the position of Collections Librarian at the Aga Khan Library, London. ​​Shah is a qualified Librarian with an MA in Library and Information Science from the London Metropolitan University. He is a graduate of The Institute of Ismaili Studies’ Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities. He also holds two further MA degrees in Social Anthropology and in International Relations from SOAS, University of London and from the University of Peshawar, Pakistan respectively. Shah joined the library of The Institute of Ismaili Studies in 2004 as an Assistant Librarian. Between 2011 and 2014, he worked as the keeper of the Special Collection. In his current role, Shah is responsible for managing and developing library collections across all formats, platforms and levels at the Aga Khan Library. He can be contacted for reference assistance in Ismaili studies, or for any enquiry related to resources on humanities and social science. ​