Charlotte Whiting​​

Head of Operations, Communications and Development


E: Charlotte.Whiting@aku.edu

T: 020 7380 3869



Head of Operations, Communications and Development at AKU-ISMC. Charlotte works closely with the Dean to develop strategy and deliver all operational functions at the Institute. She also manages the Institute’s marketing and communications and fundraising departments. Charlotte holds a BA Hons from Durham University, an MPhil from Magdalene College Cambridge, and a PhD from the University of Durham, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Prior to joining AKU, she was Deputy Director of the Iraq Programme at the Council for At-Risk Academics and a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Council for British Research in the Levant (CBRL) in Amman where she directed several research programmes. She is author of Complexity and Diversity in the Late Iron Age Southern Levant: 'Edomite' Archaeology and Scholarly Discourse (Archaeopress, 2007) and Excavations at Tel Jezreel 1995–1996: The Stratigraphy and Neolithic–Iron Age Pottery from Area A (American Schools of Oriental Research, 2021). She is a Trustee of the Palestine Exploration Fund and Editor-in-Chief of the Palestine Exploration Quarterly.