​​AKU-ISMC ​​Alumni Stories


​AKU-ISMC Alumnus Mehmood Ali K​han Pursuing a PhD in Media Studies​

Mehmood Ali K​han has been awarded a DAAD scholraship ​to study at Freie University Berlin and Philip-Marburg University.

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AKU-ISMC Alumnus Muhammad Waqas Mirza Studying at Humboldt University of Berlin

Muhammad Waqas Mirza has been accepted by Humboldt University of Berlin to take a PhD in South Asian Studies​.​

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AKU-ISMC Alumna Ayse Gokcen Yucel Works on Covidoscope, a ​COVID Arts Project​

Ayse Gokcen Yucel ​contributes to a groundbreaking project that documents artisitc responses to the pandemic.

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​AKU-ISMC Alumna Fatemeh Shams Publishes a New Book​​​

"A Revolution in Rhyme: Poetic Co-option under the Islamic Republic"​​

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AKU-ISMC Alumna Awarded  Fritz-Steppat Prize 2020 for dissertation.

​​Rahina Muaza's winning dissertation explored "Qur´an Recitation and the Nudity of the Female Voice in Nigeria"​

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AKU-ISMC Alumni Set Up "Be-khudi"

​​A New Platform for Meditation and Mindfulness​

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