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​Here is a roundup of our latest capacity-building initiatives, Pakistan Life Saving Programme trainings, speaker sessions, and other important strategic milestones.


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The February'23​​ Edition of the PLSP Newsletter is an amalgamation of our latest training updates and countless other happenings.

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​​​Pakistan Life Savers Programme Trainings at Hunza​

We are proud of PLSP Master Trainers (led by Shehnaz Hyder, Trainee Nurse Intern AKUH) who decided to make the most out of their Annual Leaves and independently embarked upon the mission to train the local students at their hometowm in Hunza in CPR and Bleeding Control - amidst very limited resources.


​Medical First Responder Course for AKAH and AKDN Staff Members

As a part of our collaboration with the AKDN, the team at CETE trained and certified the staff members of AKAH as Medical First Responders.

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Collaboration with Punjab Emergency Service Department (Rescue 1122)

​ The Punjab Emergency Service Department (Rescue 1122) ​ are one of our most prominent partners for the Pakistan Life Savers Programme. The solid team, led by Director General Dr. Rizwan Naseer has helped PLSP power through the province of Punjab with over 130,000 trained Life Savers so far! 

Third Party Evaluation of Emergency Medical Technicians 

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An Emergency Medical Technician - EMT is a trained medical professional who responds to emergency medical situations and provides immediate and efficient care to the injured or those in critical conditions. We are proud to be conducting the second round of third-party evaluation for 198 EMTs associated with the Punjab Emergency Service Rescue-1122, Pakistan who would be serving the population of Punjab in times of medical emergencies.


Implementation of Tele-Communicator CPR in Pakistan

​The Pakistan Life Savers Programme is pproud to host the first ever Telecommunicator CPR (T-CPR)/Dispatch-Assisted CPR (DA-CPR) workshop on July 1st, 2022 by training the Punjab Emergency Service Rescue-1122, Pakistan dispatchers at the 1122 Headquarters.

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​​PLSP goes Nationwide!


Celebrating 2022 as the YEAR OF PAKISTAN LIFE SAVERS PROGRAMME! A National Movement that originated at a small secretariat based in Karachi has now spread its wings across the country. PLSP is proud to be home to Life Savers and Master Trainers based in Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, KPK, Gilgit Baltistant - and our latest addition to the list - Azad Kashmir!