​Befrienders Kenya​


Befrienders Kenya focuses on suicide prevention by offering free emotional support to those who may be in distress and therefore in danger of dying by suicide as well as creating awareness on suicide within communities.

Befrienders Kenya and BMI’s partnership will see the two organisations strengthening information systems, evidence and research for mental health. The objectives and intended outcomes for the partnership include:

1. Capacity Building
Befrienders Kenya provides services that are central to current health policy concerns. The organization is run entirely by volunteers which presents a gap in research monitoring, analysis and evaluation. The anticipated data collection will involve the establishment of replicable systems, adoption of data security and management structures, and community-based data collection in communities such as Mutuini and Kikuyu, where Befrienders Kenya are active. Research and evaluation will potentially serve to evolve evidence-based interventions offered by Befrienders Kenya and provide important information about community needs of the communities in Kenya.

2. Leveraging Experience and Strengthening Cross-Country Partnerships
BMI currently has a MOU with Taskeen, Pakistan. The organization offers general mental health related support services, while Befrienders Kenya focuses more on suicide prevention. In this regard, the two entities could share experience in addressing mental health issues designed for different jurisdictions.

3. Other
Kenya’s national suicide prevention strategy: BMI and Befrienders team members will independently and jointly review the strategy, contribute perspectives, and support follow up.​​​​