​​Op-eds are papers published by the programme in the international press. ​​They are based on themes drawn from the Dialogue Seminar Series and the programme's workshops and conferences.​​

The Matrix: Rights, Government and Daily Life in Palestine​​

by Asem Khalil (Middle East Eye, 3/6/2017)​

How to Create an Islamic Government – Not an Islamic State​

by Asifa Quraishi-Landes (Middle East Eye, 17/2/2017)

Towards Inclusive Nation States: Burkinis, Hijabs and Self-determination​

by David Taylor (Middle East Eye, 20/9/16)

Vers des États-nations inclusifs: burkini, hijab et autodétermination​

by David Taylor (Middle East Eye, 21/9/16)

​​​We Can Tame our Water Crisis, but we Can’t Solve It​​

by David Taylor (The National, 8/11/2016)​

Les musulmans et l’État moderne: quel est le problème?​

by Mark Sedgwick (Middle East Eye, 20/1/16)

Muslims and the Modern State​: W​hat's the Big Problem?​​​

by Mark Sedgwick (Middle East Eye, 18/1/16)

M​​​uslims and​ the Modern State: What's the Big Problem?

by Mark Sedgwick (South Asia Monitor, 18/1/16)​

Building Consensus in Post-revolutionary Tunisia

by Abdou Filali-Ansary (Open Democracy, 30/1/15)

ISMC does not take specific positions; accordingly, all views expressed in the op-eds should be understood to be solely those of the author(s).​​