​AKU-ACER stewards nearly 4,000 acres of land that is ecologically important. As a ‘living laboratory’, AKU-ACER is a user driven experiential learning ecosystem based on inclusive co-creation and co-implementation model, integrating research, innovation and training in natural and context specific settings. ACER provides a perfect settings to educate future teachers / leaders and provide them with the skills, attitudes, and attributes to invigorate civil society, champion good governance, promote social and economic development, foster appreciation for pluralism and encourage ethical behaviour. AKU-ACER represents a microcosm of all this, literally a natural laboratory for exploration, discovery, experimentation and  learning. 

ACER focuses on research that address the critical global twin challenges of climate change and biodiversity change, which in turn affect ecosystem health including human health. ACER adopts a transdisciplinary approach to examine climate change threats, biodiversity loss, land degradation, water scarcity, food insecurity, deforestation, and increasing climate induced health challenges. Specifically for climate change, ACER is investigating today’s impacts, identifying solutions, and making future projections.