​Experiential Learning Programme

​Experiential learning is an engaged learning process where students learn through hands-on activities and reflection. At the core of the programme are the opportunities for students to engage intellectually, take initiative, make reflection and critical analysis, synthesize, and ultimately learn from natural consequences, mistakes, and successes in real world settings. 


Our experiential learning programme is a well-planned, supervised and assessed experiential learning programmes with carefully chosen activities that maximizes learning potential opportunities for students to practice and deepen their knowledge and skills on environment, climate, and sustainable development issues. Our experiential learning programmes include, but are not limited to, 

  • Field Work. This is a supervised field learning for students from all training institutions other than university entities. It a hands-on field experiments on AKU Arusha Living Laboratory, in community’s areas, and sometimes touristic visits to nearby protected parks.

  • Field School. This is an academic programme​​ consisting of mentored field research and directed by academic faculties. The form is designed to take place any time for students to engage in practical training on AKU Living Laboratory, community areas, and other places in Tanzania.

  • Internships. We offer internship opportunities for both credit-bearing and as a free-standing activity for students and new graduates who are interested in connecting their theoretical studies to real world settings. The interns are supervised by suitably skilled facilitators and faculty members to ensure all objectives are realized.

  • Summer School – ACER is an ideal place for summer school programmes where students, practitioners and faculty can be immersed in a natural setting and have intensive learning programme on climate change, environment and other related subjects. In addition to these programmes, we are also aiming to host study abroad programmes. 

Why choose ACER for field school, internship and or summer school?

ACER Living Lab provides an exceptional field experience. The programme​ is more than just a casual field work, it’s an opportunity to learn and apply principles of climate solutions, environmental conservation and sustainable development in variety of ecosystems that include urban, peri-urban, rural, and rich landscape of national parks in Tanzania.

Hands-on learning with help of experienced team, students explore actual environmental impacts firsthand, learn real-world field techniques such as how to identify rare species and interview different people, and finally discuss real-world solutions.

Transdisciplinary approach gives a full picture of how environmental and human issues are inherently intertwined. Thus, incorporating everything from natural and social sciences to indigenous knowledge and culture simplify studying complex topics like climate change and biodiversity conservation.

Experienced team dedicated to enabling students to understand the critical environmental issues of our time. This is to be achieved through use of AKU’s Arusha-based land assets that demonstrate various techniques for ecological restoration of degraded sites, surrounding community landscapes that exhibit various types of land uses, degradations, and centuries-old traditions of different ethnic groups in Tanzania.