​Our Research Facilities

Living laboratory

AKU-ACER stewards nearly 4,000 acres of land that is ecologically important. As a ‘living laboratory’, AKU-ACER is a user driven experiential learning ecosystem based on inclusive co-creation and co-implementation model, integrating research, innovation and training in natural and context specific settings. ACER provides a perfect settings to educate future teachers / leaders and provide them with the skills, attitudes, and attributes to invigorate civil society, champion good governance, promote social and economic development, foster appreciation for pluralism and encourage ethical behaviour. AKU-ACER represents a microcosm of all this, literally a natural laboratory for exploration, discovery, experimentation and  learning. 


AKU-ACER has 4 different types of buildings dedicated to supporting research activities. Classrooms, accommodations, canteen and offices. The Community Outreach Centre (COC) building hosts 2 classrooms and community outreach offices. The Manyara and Lakilaki buildings serve as accommodation spaces for professors, teachers and researchers, as well as camping ground for students’ accommodation, and offices for AKU-ACER research personnel. All these facilities and entire campus area has high speed internet connectivity. 


All our classrooms/ offices are spacious and comfortable with high-speed internet connectivity. There are two classrooms each with capacity to hold 40 learners at a time, and the space is sufficient in both practical and psychological aspects. Additionally, the rooms are equipped with good lighting and ventilation for clear acoustics, high air quality and a balanced temperature. 

Tree Nursery

Our tree nursery has the capacity to accommodate over 200,000 potted seedlings at a time. The area includes a tree arboretum intended to promote scientific research, conservation, and public education on the importance of indigenous trees. At the core of this facility is the provision of training venue, tree propagation, and seedlings raining site. Some of the raised tree seedlings are planted on AKU Arusha sites and the rest is donated to support reforestation activities in local community areas surrounding AKU Arusha Campus.

Demo Plots 

Demos are an important tool for enabling learning of improved agricultural production practices. In addition to supporting community-based extension services, our demo plots continue to evolve and are useful for experiments examining options for food crops that are resilient against drought conditions caused by climate change.

Various farming activities

Parts of the AKU’s land asset include cultivated areas that provide ample grounds for learning best practices in regenerative farming activities such as low till technology and other principles of conservation agriculture.

Sports Fields

Our sports facilities as part of the learning environment offer a wide range of physical activities and recreational opportunities that benefit learners, educators and adjacent community members.