​Bilal I Gilani​

Bilal I Gilani, has a Masters in International Relations from School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS, London) and has been working in the survey research and management consulting field for over a decade.

Mr. Gilani, as the Executive Director of Gallup Pakistan, has gained overall management experience of field operations, survey research design as well as data processing in Pakistan.

He has served as a Team Lead for various foreign clients including Office of Opinion Research US State Department, studies with Foreign and Commonwealth Office UK, USAID projects as well as a number of World Bank Studies in Pakistan.

With background in Political Science, Mr Gilani has been involved with political polling representing PIPO, for over a decade and has been quoted on recent 2018 elections by prominent International and Local media such as AFP, Wall Street Journal, Radio France, Voice of America and the Guardian.

In the field of Financial Inclusion and Digital finance, Bilal Gilani is considered an Expert for Financial Surveys in Pakistan and is often consulted by World Bank and Gates Foundation. Bilal I Gilani has worked as the Lead Consultant from Gallup Pakistan on key financial inclusion studies including Access to Finance Survey 2015 in which he is associated as Financial Inclusion Expert. Other studies in this field that he has directed at Gallup include Financial Inclusion Insights Survey 2013, 2014 and 2015, FITS 2012 and 2013, Microfinance Study for Bankable Frontier Associates, current study with Women X Evaluation conducted by World Bank in Karachi.

Media Research is one of the key interest areas. He has headed key projects relating to New Media and Media studies. These projects include the Gallup Media Reports on Television, Newspaper and Radio that give estimates on size of TV, Radio, Print and Cinema Audiences in Rural and Urban parts of Pakistan. These reports are widely subscribed by both advertising agencies and Multinational and National industries in Pakistan.

In recent years, Bilal has been working outside Pakistan in other regional markets such as India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Myanmar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Iraq. Apart from normal survey research, one of the tasks that has been assigned to him is setting up Opinion Polling facilities in other markets. A collaboration in this regard has already worked in Bahrain and Bangladesh. A new one is currently taking place in Kuwait.

Mr Gilani has travelled extensively for work and pleasure to over 12 countries. He has been a regular visitor to the ESOMAR conferences in Europe and Asia. In 2012 WAPOR Annual Conference he presented a joint paper on New Methods for Global Polling.

Mr Gilani is often quoted in national and international media and was recently cited by Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and many other national and international dailies.