Development Lab

The Development Lab (D-Lab) is FAS’ innovation hub bringing together under ‘one roof’ the diversity and talents of AKU’s undergraduate and graduate programmes, research-based institutes, faculty, students, staff, and institutional and community partners to develop the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas to address real-world problems.

In the vibrant, custom-built D-Lab students are exposed to and engaged with an assortment of learning opportunities connected to their academic goals and interests. Interactive simulation, hackathons, the incubation of ideas to address societal challenges, case- based and service learning connected to specific courses, interactive seminars with the community and their needs, and undergraduate research are all facilitated through the D-Lab. More than a space, the D-Lab features a purpose-built pedagogy for the development of perspectives, ideas, and capacities to understand and address systemic issues prevalent in society as well as unlock lesser-known opportunities in service to an improved quality of life.