Career Pathways

“This is an education that stands out in the landscape of higher education in Pakistan. And it is going to produce graduates who stand out and who have the skills that employers are looking for.” Dr Sulaiman Shahbuddin, AKU President, shares his thoughts on what FAS graduates can go on to do in life ​​​

FAS aims to educate youth who will become future leaders in any professional and academic path. Leaders who will drive positive change, invigorate civil society, champion good governance, promote social and economic development, foster appreciation for pluralism and encourage ethical behaviour. 

Graduates will have the analytical skills, communications skills, leadership skills and the capacity for innovation, giving them the tools to succeed across multiple career pathways.

Graduates can become entrepreneurs, business leaders, scholars, writers, judges, scientists, tech giants, lawyers, diplomats, artists, architects, engineers and so much more.

Examples of industries by major:

Asian and Middle​​ Ea​stern Studies ​​

academia, NGO and business sectors, diplomacy, journalism

Social Development Studies

social work, community organisation, education, communications, advocacy, public service, international relations

Philosophy, Politic​s and Economics

politics and government, public policy, law, economics, international re​​​lations, business and management ​

Human and Environmental Biology

researchers of human health and disease, agricultural or food scientists, biotechnologists, climate change specialists, public policy