The Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) will develop young people to become future leaders through a transformative education t​hat is endlessly challenging, stimulating and mind-opening – one that prepares graduates for innovative thought and consequential action.  

Our plan for FAS takes full advantage of the extraordinary opportunity to design a new undergraduate education from the ground up. We have drawn on the rich tradition of arts and sciences education while adapting it to a new context and infusing it with our distinctive values. We have thought carefully about the intellectual capacities and personal characteristics required of leaders, and how best to develop them, inside and outside the classroom. We believe the result is one of the most exciting developments in higher education in Pakistan in recent memory. 

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Message from the Inaugural Dean, Professor Stephen Lyon
With the FAS, AKU is launching an exciting new initiative in the higher education sector in Pakistan. One important aim of the FAS is to make a meaningful contribution to the growth and direction of an inclusive and pluralistic civil society.

About FAS

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​The Value of an Arts and Sciences Education

Professor Anjum Halai

Vice Provost, Asia and UK and Founding Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Dr Sulaiman Shahabuddin

President and Vice-Chancellor​

Dr Carl Amrhein

Provost and Vice President, Academic

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Student Life
Academic work is only one aspect of the FAS experience. A wealth of co-curricular activities will offer numerous opportunities for self-discovery and peer-to-peer learning. On AKU’s vibrant campus there is always another chance to form a new interes